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The RESTUBE Basic is a Float Buoyancy Aid for Swimming, Fishing, Sailing & SUP water sport activities. It is a compact, one size fits all, piece of mind kit.

Note the RESTUBE Basic can be inflated manually thereby saving the Gas Cartridges for those fast moving situations.

PEACE OF MIND WHEN YOU’RE AROUND WATER – Restube BASIC is an innovative, compact, all-round accessory for a variety of water activities. It's an excellent choice for adults and kids over 10 years of age who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more.

EXCELLENT FOR KEEPING EVERYONE SAFE – You may be highly in tune to your surroundings, but other water enthusiasts may not be. The swim bag float can act as a visual aid to swimmers, boaters, and all others around you. You can wave with the long yellow buoy to catch others attention, hand it to someone nearby, or catch a quick break when you need it.

KEEPS ALL BODY TYPES COMFORTABLY AFLOAT – It doesn’t matter how tall you are or how much you weigh, this unique, instantly inflatable swimming noodle will keep your head comfortably above water. It has a buoyancy of 75N, which is about 7,5 kg, making it suitable for all body sizes.

DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE – The buoyancy aid is lightweight (240g) and attaches comfortably around your waist. It can be inflated with a quick pull of the trigger or manually with your mouth. The swim float is also reusable.

MADE FROM THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – This survival bag float was researched and designed in Germany. It’s made from durable and sustainable Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) ensuring that it will hold up swimmingly for many years.

Restube Basic Features:

• Wear your peace of mind all the time
• Pull the trigger to inflate in seconds
• Weighs only 240g in water neutral weight
• Won't slide around while swimming thanks to its swim belt
• 75N (7,5kg) of buoyancy keeps everyone afloat
• Reusable by exchanging the CO2 cartridge
• Excellent visual aid for boaters and swimmers, once triggered
• Made from heavy-duty materials, built to last


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